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May 08, 2009


online movie

Great post. you really know a lot about it. i used to see star trek when i was a child. ireally didnt think that my boys would like it now in 2009.amazing!


finally saw it yesterday.. what an interesting reboot of the franchise! I can see why the hard core trekkies would be done


Yes I know, I cancelled an extra shift Friday night to see it, and a part of me wants to call out sick tonight!


I think its Showing on IMAX here in Richmond, need to find out.. man everyone keeps talking about it I think I'll need to take off work to see it!


When I see it again, it will be on an extra large screen... will probably be 10 or 12 stars out of 5 by then... :-)


I can tell why you gave this movie 8 stars out of 5 lol

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