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April 14, 2009



first of all this is a jail not a prison. and second of all not everyone in here did a horrible crime as MATT and iselaur74@yahoo.com assume. my boyfriend is in durango for unpaid tickets from when he was not able to find work. just regular traffic tickets that he could not afford to pay.


I was in Durango and I was one of the only people getting mail. Try www.jailybird. com-- they let you buy postcards that meet their strict requirements.... and getting mail definitely helped.

Ana-Marie Young

My husband is in there right now i have not heard from him and im kinda worried i have heard all kinds of bad things about durango. And why can u only send post cards thats crap and where do you get the post cards and how many can u send at once?


Yes my son is in jail. He is not a bad person he has a drug and alchol problem. I am hoping that this experience is enough to keep him from ever picking up a drug or drink again. My son is full of promise but with his addiction he is ruining his life. If you feel so inclined please pray for "Scott"

Valerie Moldenauer

What happened to innocent until proven guilty? People waiting for trial are kept in Durango and the only priority seems to be how can we make money from the loved ones of those that are housed there.

My boyfriend has been there for four months and the prosecution has not even filed charges they keep getting continuances.
His fingernails are now over an inch and a half long and he has been on the waiting list to use a pair of nail clippers for over a month. Recently found out he is number 300 on the request list. Lets just top that off that if he ever gets the clippers he has to pay a 10 dollar fee to use them.


my baby is in there too! poor thing. how do u get in contact with the chaplan?? i was on the phone for two hours just to find out what to make the post card out to? crazy


I have to agree with iselaur74. Inmates are in jail because of a crime has been comited. I read "my poor boyfriend or my poor son" They are locked up because they can not follow the rules. If you were on the recieving end of the crime you would be saying thank goodness they caught and locked him up.

erick talamantes

hola yo estube en esa carcel y la verdad hay muchos abusos por parte del los d o.. fue una experiencia de 7 1/2
meses y fue lo peor..le agradesco de todo corazon a las personas q dan el programa celebrando la recuperacion..a cruz y lorren es de lo pero esa prision y deberian de cerrarla..

Sophia Fire

Very informative. Thank you! I have never been inside a jail, but plan to visit Durango Jail to render spiritual support to an acquaintance in need. This article was indeed helpful.


funny how every complains about going down to the jail BUT i dont read about the crimes the loved ones commited "if your there is because they dont care about anyone but themselves "!


yeah my guy is in there right now. Poor man. His ex wife is not the nicest. Anyways he sayd people are always sick and that food is border line "rotton", I feel so bad for him. What is the scoop with the phone calls. They pay a bill aside from us who recieve it?


that is all prisons my dear

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