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February 04, 2009



Oh my God if George Takei were to be following me I would totally faint! The only thing that would top that would be if @LeonardNimor followed me... I'd crap my pants! So no, I'm following George. And who knows, I'm not sure it's really him.

The jury is still out about the whole Twittering thing. It's a novelty that would be cool if I could find some real use for it, which has yet to happen.

It would be cool if I could get every nurse where I work to get on Twitter, and we had a special Twitter account that they could all follow that could broadcast a staffing need. Those nurses looking for extra work could find it pretty easily.

But getting 80 nurses to get on Twitter? Unlikely...


So wait is George Taikei following you or you following him? i'm so confused on twitting

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