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November 05, 2008



The only thing of historic value that has occurred is we have the first-ever black president-elect in U.S. history. As for the "change" he is allegedly going to bring... not so much. Standard Leftist big government welfare-statist policies will accelerate under Obama. And if anyone thinks he is a friend of the health care profession, his advocacy of Universal Health Care (read nationalization) will, if realized, place doctors, nurses, hospitals, and patients under the control of Government bureaucrats. Places like this Licensed Vocational nursing school, indeed all med schools,would face new regulations if Obama had his way.
Now I apologize if I seem to be raining on anybody's parade, but we all must face reality here. Only the introduction of the free market in health care can resolve the problems we face.


Can you believe Virginia went BLUE!! I heard there are now 3 new virginia states, North, South and East (West already is a state).

In any case I agree with you, Barack's a great choice who just happened to be black. I've enjoyed hearing not only reaction of the US leaders like Colin Powell but also world leadership to Obama, and whoever thinks Palin can run in 2012 needs to seriously re-evaluate just what went wrong in McCain's campaign. McCain's last speechs have been phenomenal, I think he focused too often on the wrong messages. (those photo ops with Bush didn't exactly help matters either)

Sadly I saw that as Americans we have a ways to go as certain initiatives did pass (much to my shock actually even in California).

We are living in some amazing times.. now if I can just convince 47% of Virginia that its probably not in their best interest to move to Canada, the caymans or Costa Rica.. ughh

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