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November 25, 2007



Wow... so that's what I sound like when I'm on ambien... good to know...


V- Well true to my nature, all I can think of when you guys talk about frying turkeys are the folks that end up setting fire to their homes! We are down to the last 1/2 pound of turkey at this point. I plan to make up for all the turkey with lots of Burger King Whoppers :-)


Yes we were looking for those trees that had optical fiber runing through the brances so that you had nice lights at the end of the pine needles. But now we've gotten attached to our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

Holy Cow! I can't believe you're decorating for xmas already! I'm still reeling from post-turkey stress. My garage still smells like a Five Guys deep fryer. Btw, almost every morning my kids ponder what you are doing that EXACT moment. Invariably I get the time change wrong. I think nocturnal; add 12 hours and then subract 3 for the west coast time. For some reason that time calculation is more than my brain can handle in the am. :)


LOL That'sawesome! R2d2!

Our tree is very small. (about 2 ft high) No lights.. we'e going to try to get an artificia one with LED bulbs but they're hard to come by at the moment.

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