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September 10, 2006



Maria: We did seem to have a rash of serial killing and raping. The "Baseline" killer happened mostly on the south side of Phoenix, and I live on the north side. But the serial shooters were all over the place, and there were a few animals shot 10 miles down the road. I didn't go out much in the middle of the night, usually waiting until just before dawn to do groceries.

Karen: I think it was just that I kept working when I was sick and wasn't eating and drinking enough. And the antibiotic seems to have cleared up the lung thing. It probably would have developed into pneumonia. But I seem to be fine now.


You oK? that ER visit sounds awful! is that think with your lungs something you've always had?


Well hello! It may sound creepy, but I have been wondering about you. When all of the random shooting business was happening in Phoenix, concerns that you had been shot ran through my mind. (I blame my career in medicine for that.)

Welcome back! And sorry about the kidney stone and flu. :(

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