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June 10, 2006



Management is unqualified to do performance reviews. They're required to do so, but it's tiresome, non-productive, and leads to nothing of value. It's pure administrative scutwork.

The people who count; that is, the patients and their families, have little say, and too often the psychopathological ones voice their concerns, however maladjusted, in terms too strong to reflect their true value, which also is of little use.

Physicians are like feral cats. True, sometimes they purr, but they are not your friends and they will always turn on you.

Whatever it is, physicians, administration, bitchy patient families, whatever, if it doesn't help me do my work, then I consider it abuse and I have no use for it.


Oh, the memories that brought....

The "new department" of the "old place" is pretty much having the same effect on me. My review this year was pleasant, being as it was from the "old unit", but it had its shocking moments. My performance was downgraded in "attitude" and "effort" which was quite shocking, to say the least.

Overall, the total score was still in the top range, so I didn't make a fuss. I just quietly thanked the powers that be that allowed me out of "the old unit"


Some of it is the same old thing -- physicians that don't want to be called during the night. But due to some recent changes in how ER patients are admitted, most come to the floor with no pain medication even though their admit diagnosis is chest pain, or abdominal pain. If it's not pain meds, it's their bp med, or their neurontin, Soma, or whatever. So at 4am I'm calling for some medication, and all I get is, "Why are you calling me? I'm not the attending, I'm just covering... call the attending in the morning." And I just hate that. I agree, lipitor can wait until the morning. So can Nexium, or Zantac, or allopurinol. But as far as I'm concerned, pain just can't wait.


So... what is it about the physicians that has caused this lack of rapport? Are they being jerks? Unempathic? Not bringing enough cookies?

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