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January 28, 2005



I have given a lot of consideration to floating, or even traveling. I do work agency occasionally, but I really have become a creature of habit. I like to know where everything is, and agency/traveling takes me too far out of my "comfort zone." Also, I like to know who I can count on when something clinically challenging happens. When something comes up and I feel I can't get a good grip on it, I can look at the staff and know who knows more than me, who is faster than I am, who has specific skills, or possesses some other advantage that I might lack at that time. That critical judgement -- which might take me about half a second -- can save lots of time, and even lives. I don't get that good a reading on co-workers when I am not there a lot.

I'm a HUGE fan of mind-mapping. I sometimes us a program, called Inspiration, that does the drawing and linking for me. I'm not terribly creative at it -- I don't use fancy shapes and I don't import graphics. My primary use is color. For trading, I use the usual color scheme of green for uptick possibilities, red for downtick possibilities. But I have seen folks that are very creative and artistic.


Congrats on your change of work location. Will this let you escape from the politics of nursing? (And have you ever considered floating? That's what the RNs recommend here in the hospital system I'm at....)

And mindmapping is frickin' cool. That's how I worked out my New Year's resolutions. It can just be a tad time-consuming, though.

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