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November 06, 2004



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the hospital I work at started 'walking rounds' to give report approx 2 years ago. It is wonderful ... there is no 'disappearing' of nurses during report time, you are right there. You get to see each patient first thing in the morning ... get to see condition of pt as previous nurse leaves, can look at IV sites, check correct IV solutions, look at wounds, incisions, edema etc. together - there is much more involved of course but ... I wouldn't go back to any other way of reporting off


I've never worked at a for-profit hospital in all the years I've worked in hospitals (more than 20 years total at this point). I've heard so much about how $$-driven for-profit hospitals can be. There aren't many not-for-profit hospitals in the Phoenix area.

I think my present employer has a real desire to work toward the best possible patient care, but is frankly hindered by the fact that most nurse leaders are not born leaders, but instead are floor nurses that can't handle bedside care anymore. I think, as do you apparently, that this is an industry-wide problem. They've all attended the same lecture on "The Art of Delegation" that every nurse manager attended in the 1980's and 90's, and now they don't know how to do anything themselves anymore. Sad.

You may rant whenever you wish, Maria :-)


Well said.

At the risk of sounding cheesy, the best healthcare teams are those that are composed of people who share the same mission.

It drives docs crazy when it seems like RNs are trying to do as little work as possible. It drives nurses crazy when MDs are trying to get out of the hospital as early as possible. It isn't about the patient anymore; it becomes a self-centered endeavor. And the person who suffers the most is the patient.

I think the primary reason why I am so enamored with the county hospital (vs. the private hospital I am currently at) is because of that sense of mission, that sense of service. It IS about the patient and everyone works together towards that end. When healthcare becomes an exercise of litigation avoidance or trying new medications or practicing procedures, the whole system falls apart.

Sorry for my ranting on your blog.

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