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October 16, 2004



I can handle just about anything except for sputum (like in suctioning traches or ET tubes). Blood and Gore don't bother me except when it involves the eyes, nose, mouth (and probably ears).

Oh, and I once took a bucket of vomit from my patient -- was all calm, cool, collected, and professional -- then went to the patient's bathroom, and promptly threw up. I hope the patient didn't hear me.

Maria, The Wuss

And that, Eric, is why I admire nurses. One of many reasons.

There is a tolerance level amongst health care workers for excrement. I actually can deal with urine and feces really well, but I can't graciously deal with sputum, phlegm, and vomit. I'm always worried I'm going to start yakking when I'm holding the basin for the patient... and when those Yankaurs are sucking out all of those nasty yellow goobers from the throats... YUCK.

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