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September 03, 2004



I've never eaten at Havanas, but I LOVED the pizza at Bottom's Up Pizza. There also was a dive called Domino's Doghouse, that I guess is gone too. Damn.


Hey Eric! Hope you're feeling better. Yes we haven't been blogging too much because life's been quite busy. Gaston was horrible, sinkholes, crazy high water, damaged roads, flooded homes, luckily things are going down finally and the next Hurricane is slowing down a bit. Neither mom nor myself suffered a power outage, Shockhoebottom suffered some major damage, no Havana 59 or Bottoms Up pizza for awhile I think, I'm curious if the flood wall did more bad than good in this case, as Over 14 inches of rain fell in some areas of Richmond. They forced an evacuation of all homes south of the Falling Creek Dam b/c it was 20ft Over the level of the dam and they thought it would bust. Very sad stories, and to think just 3 years ago we were in a severe drought.

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