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March 29, 2004



LOL ok, ok, I take back the comment about fibromyalgia :-) Seriously, I have taken care of a few patients that did have something going on. My doubt rears its ugly head when a fibromyalgia patient (or any chronic pain patient) tries to treat sysmptoms with visits to the ER. I can't imagine a LESS effective management strategy. Patients just don't realize that the ER can not engage in long-term relationships like a private physician (especially a pain management physician) can. ER (with subsequent admission to an acute care floor like mine) will always disappoint (and frustrate) people who legitimately need aggressive pain medication. There are simply too many abusers out there, and the precautions we have in place will cause chronic pain patients a lot of misery.

And for gods sakes leave your dogs at home! :-)

... and I'll try to be more ... uh ... mmm ... therapeutic ... :-)


You called? ;)

First of all, some patients legitimately have fibromyalgia. Now don't get mad at me: I have to confess that I'm skeptical, too, but it is a diagnosis, and some people do improve when the fibromyalgia is addressed. Can we at least agree on that?

Secondly, if dogs don't have any official papers, they should be evicted from the hospital. You have SO many more things to do than walk dogs. And who knows if those dogs will pick up MRSA or VRE or something.

I send your my heartfelt sympathies, Eric, along with a plentiful supply of Valium (... just kidding...).

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