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December 29, 2007



Aside from my somewhat overdone fear of losing my face in a pressure cooker explosion, my other main problem with pressure cookers was that they would not taste right. I imagined that, even though the temperature hot hotter, it would not produce all of the chemical reactions that need time to take place. For instance, I had this weird thought that if you used water, the braising liquid would be clear, or at least not as thoroughly flavored.
But this is hardly the case. The broth comes out as flavorful as ever (depending on the spices you started out with, but even mostly water tasted great.)

One thing -- Mom has an advanced model that does not have the regulator (the metal knob on top that regulates pressure releasing steam as it rocks back and forth. Mom's has some type of valve that slowly releases a constant jet of water. I prefer my quieter friendly tinkling bells, rather than the the sound of a thousand slytherins. But, her pressure cooker is much larger.

Defenitely something to look into. And I think chicken adobo could be make a lot faster, and probably with less of the smell of vinegar permeating through the house. When covered, I could not smell the food outside of the pot unless I caught a waft of the bits of steam escaping out of the regulator.

You should give it a try.


hmm, I've been curious about this because Shawn loves kalderetta (with beef not goat) and that usually takes forever to stew. I made a "quick" Kalderetta after work one night using cubed up sirloin and although the meat was tender b/c of the cut things still didn't taste right until the next morning after all the flavors properly "infused" together, I bet the pressure cooker would help the flavors mix faster. We love our slow cooker but again that takes planning too. Just made "chicken cordon bleu" in it last night, soo good!

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