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December 31, 2007



If you're looking for new stuff to cook in there, I highly recommend the Fix it and Forget It cookbook for slow cooking. Shawn isn't a huge cookbook fan but he loves the ideas he gets from this cookbook. Most the recipes are very simple and easy with few ingredients. Used some leftover honey baked ham from christmas for my chicken cordon bleu recipe I found, that kind of thing. The weekly grocery store specials dictate what meats we buy and store in the freezer, so sometimes you just need a new way of changing up plain ol' chicken breast you got for $1.99/lb the other week. I think there is even a "light" version, but we just have the regular version which is excellent.

Chili, barbeque ribs, and slow cooked brisket are some of our favorites.

Once you start slow cooking more, you'll find it fun trying to "perfect" your recipies.


We've let our diets slide these past several months, and I'm trying to move us away from fast food (I have finally stopped waking up, putting on a bathrobe and slippers, getting into the car, going through McD's drivethrough and paying with a debit card -- that was killing us). We're trying to be better about making a higher percentage of food and eating take-out less.


Holy moly -- you certainly are making up for absent time with your slew of posts!

Nice to see you writing again. Hope it doesn't cut too much into you cooking time. ;)

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